3D Laser Topography

Custom built 3D reconstruction

Microptik is proud to present our new and fast technology to reconstruct 3D data out of a combination of special light, camera and proprietary software. With this technique we can generate 3D data from practial all possible objects. We can apply the technology for macro, meso and micro objects. We can incorporate this technology in various applications and we are open to discuss any application with end users as well as instrument builders.
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Custom built real time 3D reconstruction

In Microptik we have developed new technology for real time 3D reconstruction of objects. Through a combination of a projected pattern on an object using propiertary software, we can reconstruct the 3rd dimension of objects in real time.This technology can be applied for unlimited applications, for inspection and recognition, identification, etc. Several hybrid combinations are possible in completely custom built systems.

Microptik 3D reconstruction

Facial reconstruction and Identification by Biometric analysis

Microptik  3D Facial Reconstruction System uses structured light image obscuration technology in combination with propietary software algorithms to scan a face in less than a second and obtain a surprisingly detailed 3D reconstructed model. This new technology is fast enough to provide real time 3D biometric models, and the result contains such detailed information that it can be used for countless applications.

Microptik 3D reconstruction of face

3D face reconstruction
Part I: Less than a second face scan with structured light. Part II: 3D  Face reconstruction. 

Microptik engineers are proud to present to you a new and fast technology to reconstruct a person´s face. With more information than traditional pictures and photos, this system will bring a revolution into identification, forensic and biomedical applications and will be a significant tool for authorities to use. With the use of structured light and a camera, any kind of object can be reconstructed in less than a second   with ammazing degree of detail. Versatil for Micro- and Macro- object can be applied for countless applications.

Once the image has been recorded and the algorithm has been applied we can generate a full 3D image of the person. The software has many handy features to map  the face and to apply all kinds of custom algorithms such as forensic, security, medical, art restoration and many other applications. The technique can be imbedded in security systems to identify a person in public and to look for matches with faces in a database. Or to help in the medical field to reconstruct body parts, artificial or biomedical.

Automotive Industry

Microptik 3D reconstruction

Biomedical Industry

Microptik 3D reconstruction of difficult shapes

And many more...

Microptik 3D reconstruction of shapes
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