Banknotes Examination System

Microptik Automatic International Banknotes Examination System

The Automatic Banknotes Examination System MAIBES 17
Is the state of the art in banknote authenticity inspection in the Forensic  arena. The system combines the finest machine vision techniques with powerful user-friendly software and databases in one simple to operate instrument. The system allows all sorts of International Banknotes to be verified in relation with authenticity. The  scanner size allows even the largest banknotes (i.e. 100 x 170 mm) to be fully inspected. The system uses special illumination with different sources: Ultraviolet, white and infrared. Two unique cameras with special sensor technology to detect all sorts of special markers, such as color of paper, florescence, hologram characteristics, ink, stamps, watermarks  and many more. The software is easy to use with a lot of sophistication. Optionally, a database can be linked and can be developed for any type of bank note or  identity card. Our forensic specialists are involved in training the officers on all possible levels.

Your complete forensic lab on your desk!

Unique camera technology. For this system we use camera with special features, tuned for sensitivity towards UV, Visible and infrared. With a unique sensitivity spectrum this system is capable to detect all nuances. The Image analysis system is powered by a powerful Linux Quad core 64 Bit CPU processor. The images can be directly scanned to a powerful desktop computer. All of the identification routines are developed by MicrOptik engineers. Database processing through heavy duty PC and network. The MAIBES 17 system can be used as a stand alone as well as a sophisticated Benchtop PC controller system. The controller inside the MAIBES 17 can be connected with the desktop pc through a USB cable or through WIFI.

This system is developed to be used for cutting-edge authenticity verification. The system can be linked to databases through internet. The system can identify watermarks, security threads, color-shifting ink, micro-printing, security ribbons that appears to animate as the note is tilted, concentric fine lines, serial numbers, federal reserve indicators, microprinting, check face and plate number, black plate number, color shifting ink and last but not least Holograms.
For Hologram identification Microptik developed a proprietary technique. This technique is called: 3DHoloscan. The software scans a sequence of images under various angles and recombines the images to a unique fingerprint. This unique fingerprint of the hologram is compared with the ones of suspected fraudulent bank notes. With fully automated superposed image fingerprint comparison the operator can verify the authenticity of the suspected bank note billet with great ease and confidence.