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The Bottle Content PSA Inspector

The Bottle Content PSA Inspector
The Bottle content PSA Inspector system allows to measure direct particles in transparent bottles filled with transparent liquid. No need for sampling content in a bench top analyzer. Easy to analyze and saving significant Labor time! The Bottle inspector is designed to operate during 24 hours and 7 days production. The housing is build around strong aluminium frames and can withstand demanding industrial environments

Full automated bench top system for inspecting particles in transparent liquids directly in the bottle!

For all processes where transparent material is produced in bottles. Quality control for transparent material produced in bottles is conventionally done by manual inspection or by administering the material in an analyzer for PSA inspection. With our Bottle content PSA inspector, these labor intensive and subjective analysis  are history. The bottle inspection system has all features to carry out these analysis fully automatically.
Measuring particles  directly in bottle is quite a challenge!
Although it might seam rather easy at a first glance, to measure particles in a bottle directly, it is by all means not as straightforward as one might suggest. In all  bottles one can find countless  defects in the glass itself, obscuring a machine  vision based technology to count the particles in the content contained in the bottle. MicOptik engineers however have succeeded in developing a technology to measure the particles in the content, without counting the  particles in the glass. For this proprietary technique a patent is pending.
Counting particles and not bubbles

In the content of a bottle, when it is transparent, one can observe all sorts of particles by visual inspection. In many cases particles are wrongly mistaken by the appearance of bubbles. Especially in viscous liquids The bubbles are captured in the medium and can not easily drift and vanish by moving to the surface where the vapor pressure is the same as the atmosphere.
With our software we can distinguish  particles from bubbles. By using appropriate morphometric image analysis parameters in combination with special illumination techniques we can distinguish bubbles from particles and hence filter out the bubbles.
Below one can see a list of typical morphometric parameters.


The Analyzer
The bottle content PSA inspector is constructed such that any bottle can easily be placed into the sample compartment of the analyzer.
The bottle inspector is using several proprietary illumination techniques to measure all the important features in the content of the bottle and disregard the particles in the glass.
Mathematical operators to handle all sorts of images obtained with special illumination. The technology comprises logic operators which can identify certain  critical to quality (CTQ) particles and disregard other artifacts, impurities  or features.
Graphs and visuals generated
Once a system has been configured to measure a certain CTQ parameter in the content of the bottle, specific histograms and graphs are produced such that the user can unambiguously see the quality of the content inside the bottle.
Analyzer system
The analyzer system which holds all the analyzer equipment is assembled in a rugged  industrial box. The frame of the box is made out of strong aluminum profiles rendering the system shock proof and very suitable to function in a demanding industrial environment. The operator can open the front door of the analyzer and subsequently place the bottle in the analyzer system. Upon closing the door, the analyzer is activated by a simple press of a button.
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