Fingerprint Analyzer

Fingerprint Analyzer System

Fingerprint Analyzer System
The Fingerprint Analyzer is the last and most powerful tool designed by Microptik for forensic research. This device meets all the different demands of forensic photography with optimum and varying illumination for all types of evidences and backgrounds: Latent & Treated Fingerprints, Trace Evidences and Counterfeit & Altered Documents. Combining advanced imaging and multi-wavelength illumination with simple to use software the Fingerprint analyzeris the only digital imaging system for forensic applications with two distinct modes of operation providing fast and high qualty results for users with varying degrees of photographic expertise.

Latent &Treated Fingerprints includes automated standard or customized analysis routines for fingerprint treatments. Trace Evidence includes body fluids, fibres, paint, glass fragments and gun shot residues. Counterfeit & Altered Documents examine all handwritten and printed documents. 

Professional results in minutes without training:

Using the Automatic Mode of operation, effective imaging and enhancement can be achieved in 3 simple steps.

1   Place evidence under the Microptik Fingerprint analyzer

2   Select the type of analysis and evidence 

3  Press the 'Run' button. Automatic analysis routines will be performed according to the preset for common analysis in forensic field, or meeting special requirements in customized analysis. Multiple light sources and filters can get enhanced images of the evidence in several ways. Select the best result to view as a full-screen image or for further enhancement in Advanced Mode.

Dual mode software:

The Fingerprint analyzer provides two modes of operation both offering fast, high quality imaging results:

Automatic Mode

Using the Automatic mode, any inexperienced operator can perform the analysis and get the results according to preset routines. Integrated analysis routines for common forensic treatment of evidences are included in the software, but customized analysis or details can be adjusted and set for specific results and then executed using the automatic mode.

  • Fingerprints, includes common analysis perofrmed in frensic field after the use of chemical treatments
  • Documents, handwritten and printed
  • Trace evidence, including blood, fibres, GSR etc.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode the operator may select and apply specific image enhancement processes with full manual control of lighting, filters and post imaging enhancement.

This mode allows an expert operator to fine tune the enhancement process.

Advanced Mode features include:

  • High resolution imaging system providing both 5 Megapixel 14bit monochrome and 15 Megapixel colour imaging.
  • High sensitivity, scientific grade camera and optimised colour corrected lens giving high contrast, high resolution images in the visible and infrared wavelengths from 400-1000nm.
  • Total contol of light sources and filters for intense focussed multi-wavelength illumination and results enhancement.
  • Variable wavelength narrow band light source for advanced hyperspectral imaging of fingerprints on highly coloured backgrounds


The standalone Fingerprint analyzer provides high sensitivity image capture and multi-wavelength illumination. Additional illumination, system mounting, PC hardware, and camera lens options allow you to build a system to meet any requirements.
High Sensitivity Camera
15 megapixel colour imaging, 35mm wide angle lens (other lens options available), integral second camera
High Intensity Illumination
Crime-lite 8x4 multi-wavelength light source, 32 high efficiency LEDs, up to 98 colour combinations
Vis/IRillumination provided by 4 x 20W halogen lamp capsules
Long-Pass Camera Filters
400nm, 455nm, 495nm, 530nm, 550nm, 570nm, 590nm, 610nm, 630nm, 645nm, 665nm, 695nm, 715nm, 780nm, 850nm
Short-Pass Camera Filters
752nm, 660nm, 610nm and 550nm
 A comprehensive range of accessories including additional illumination modules can be found in the Crime-lite Imager product brochure.

Microptik fingerprint analyzer systemMicroptik fingerprint analyzer system
Microptik fingerprint analyzer system