FTIR Rapid Kinetics

FTIR Rapid Kinetics with Stop Flow Analyzer System & FTIR 7600 Fourier Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR Rapid Kinetics with Stop Flow Analyzer System & FTIR 7600 Fourier Infrared Spectrometer
The MicrOptik FT-IR stopped-flow analyzer system comprises of a dedicated computer controlled drive unit thermostatted umbilical and special infrared transmission cell with integrated mixer which are mounted in the sample compartment of a Microptik FTIR 7600 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer
Transmission cell, stop flow sample mixer, automatic injection, temperature control and kinetic monitoring: all in one!

The complete SFA-FTIR 2DAB T15 package allows the operator to routinely run various samples with the maximum flexibility in experimental parameters. The system of stopped flow rapid kinetics accessories offers versatility for spectroscopic monitoring of fast reactions in solution.

Stopped-Flow Technique

Perhaps the most frequently used rapid kinetics techniques is stopped-flow. Small volumes of solutions are rapidly driven from syringes into a high efficiency mixer to initiate a fast reaction. The resultant reaction volume then displaces the contents of an observation cell thus filling it with freshly mixed reagents. The volume injected is limited by the stop syringe which provides the “stopped-flow”. Just prior to stopping, a steady state flow is achieved. The solution entering the flow cell is only milliseconds old. The age of this reaction volume is also known as the dead time of the stopped-flow system. As the solution fills the stopping syringe, the plunger hits a block, causing the flow to be stopped instantaneously. Using appropriate techniques, the kinetics of the reaction can be measured in the cell.       


FTIR Stop Flow Injection System

The essential heart of the Stop flow analyzer is based around a thermo stated FTIR transmission cell in which the reactants are injected by a Stop Flow liquid injection system. The Thermostated transmission cell is mounted in our FTIR-7600 spectrophotometer. The transmission cell can be fitted in any other Popular FTIR spectrophotometer.

This FTIR Rapid Mixing Accessory is supplied as either a single or duplo motorized drive unit with a thermostatted supply tube (600mm) and includes a 1mm path length sample cell with ZnSe (or other) windows and integral mixer, 3" x 2" slide mount, (2) 5ml sample drive syringes and a reservoir syringe. The Rapid Kinetics Accessories are unique devices that combines the technique of Spectroscopy with rapid mixing technology to facilitate the easy introduction of sample solutions into an instrument. This series has been designed to meet varying needs of rapid mixing applications including stopped-flow for the spectroscopic monitoring of fast reactions in solutions. The accessories are comprised with a drive unit, thermostatic supply tube and a sample cell with an integral mixer. They are constructed of inert materials where reagent contact occurs and the operator is protected from hazardous chemicals by the sealed sample flow circuit.

The Heart of the Stop-Flow

The heart of the cell is a high efficiency T format mixer permitting variable ratio mixing from 100 microliters to 5 milliliters and configured for either manual or pneumatic drive operation. The standard two syringe system is capable of precision mixing two solutions within the flow cell. The system can be provided with either a one motor driven A + B injection or a two motor individual driven A + B injection. The last one offers extra flexibility in choosing the injection volumes. A three syringe multi-mixing system is available for demanding FTIR or other spectroscopic (i.e. UV-Vis-Fluorescence) applications. Variable ratio mixing applications are readily accommodated since the syringes are mounted outside the thermostatically controlled sample circuit, allowing easy and rapid replacement. This also prevents any possibility of leaks at low temperatures.
The FTIR Stop-Flow Software
The software comprises all possible spectroscopic analysis routines Extensive capabilities to acquire spectra, Display spectra (i.e. stack overlay), Spectral processing, i.e. baseline corrections, Subtraction, Library search or building, curve fitting, (multivariable) calibration techniques, kinetic modules. All kinetic modules for Stop-Flow analysis can be provided.
FTIR 7600 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR 7600 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer is a top of a range analytical technique used to identify organic as well as inorganic materials.
FTIR 7600 is a single-beam Spectrometer with fast scan speed and high accuracy. This instrument is operated by a PC with user friendly software and a comprehensive manual. It is a valuable tool for various analytical applications in fields of industry, science and quality control. Different types of accessories are available to extend the functions, for example Sample cards; Liquid cells; Air cells; ATR and others.

High Stable Optical System

• The design integrates main components to an optical bench machined from a cast aluminium. Highly stable and no need for adjustment, removing troubles of maintenance of optical path.
• Precision machinery ensures high repeatability of every scanning. Advanced design concept is adopted in both optical path and every part.
• The system’s corner cube optics provides easy operation without requiring complicated electronics and additional moving parts. In addition, many components of the spectrometer are user replaceable which saves time over the lifetime of the instrument.
• Internal dynamic collimation system and movable mirror driving system keep the interferometer at optimum situation. Voice-coil driver and precision slide improves the ability of working in severe conditions.
• The spectrometer includes a container of desiccant  that protects the beam splitter and other optical components from moisture damage.
The FTIR-7600 is delivered with windows-based software that includes the following functions:
• File and Edit: open, save, print, copy, paste, delete, etc. and options—customized settings for spectral collecting, displaying, processing, saving and printing.
• Collect: configure measurement parameters (resolution, averaging, range...), real time display spectral results with options of different modes and settings, and diagnose component status.
• Process: spectral conversions (A/T, Log, K-M...), spectral operations (smooth, add, minus, multi, norm...), and spectral corrections.
• Analysis: find peak, label, compare with lib, define settings for spectral search, search lib (select lib, add new lib, make lib...), and display results.

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