Heating and Cooling Stages

Heating and Cooling Stages for Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Heating and Cooling Stages for Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Microptik has combined its renowned experience in microscopy and spectroscopy with precise temperature control technology to develop a new line of high quality hot and cold stages for thermoptometry inspection.
We have collaborated with the best scientists in the world, from renowned institutes and universities, to build state of the art Heating & Cooling stages. We feel committed to develop for our clients the best possible instruments to facilitate their exciting explorations of new research frontiers!

Thermomicroscopy technology  

Heating and cooling stages   Professional microscopy
Through Innovation and dedicated Engineering, we have adapted our hot and cold stages specifically to  different applications with accurate temperature control in the range from -190ºC to 1200ºC, programmable temperature settings, and safety lockage systems    heat and cold stage professional microscopy Decades of Experience as analytical microscopy developers make our custom built systems able to match any need.  Magnifications up to submicron scale, adaptable viewing angle, tailored illumination, motorized axis, rotation, autofocus, automatic revolver, laser profiling… and much more

Thermoptometry is a term used to designate “the family of thermoanalytical techniques in which  an optical property of the sample is monitored versus time or temperature, while the temperature of the sample is programmed”. Two examples of thermoptometry are thermomicroscopy, in which the sample is observed under a microscope while heated on a hotstage, and thermoluminiscence, in which the light emitted from a sample is monitored during the experiment.

Microscopy was first applied to chemical analysis in 1833 by Raspail, who suggested using crystal habits as a means to identify chemical components. Provided the different crystallization behavior  of each component versus temperature, the importance of temperature programmed microscopy was patent, and since then hot stages and related thermomicroscopy technologies experimented a great development. hot stage crystallographic analysis
The combination of color digital enhanced microscopy and temperature controlled hot stage to monitor crystallization processes
Hot stage schematics
The  hot stage internal resistance is sandwiched between two  stainless steel plates and heated through electric current controlled by the universal controller unit
In Microptik we have developed the newest technology for hot stages tailored to specific applications, giving optimum quality for each particular need, that in combination with our customized optics design, will go beyond the existing frontiers in research arenas such as microbiology, biochemistry, material and compound science, pharmacology, crystallographic characterization, surface quality control of defects and corrosion, and generally in all temperature related physicochemical inspections. With the marriage of hot stage microscopy to new technologies, such as high resolution color cameras, image analysis software, video enhanced microscopy, even greater possibilities for material characterization are reached.

Dedicated Engineering

MHS400 hot stage


Microptik's Stages have a removable and exchangeable frames which are making it even more flexible and adaptive to more specific applications using X-ray diffraction, FTIR and other  experiments requiring beam access a to temperature controlled  sample. 
The Microptik's Stages are a wide range temperature controlled devices which is ideal for thermomicroscopy  and other general applications requiring optical observation of a temperature controlled process. The wide temperature range, from -190ºC up to 1200ºC, of this hot stage model  make it very versatile, since with its 0.1ºC accuracy temperature programs it can help in pharmaceutical research for drugs properties characterization, biochemical  processes monitoring, microorganisms observation etc.. At the same time that it can be used for higher temperature applications as melting, gels or resins, polymeric reaction monitoring , solid-state crystallography and much more.  Apart from this Microptik has developed specific heating and cooling stages that can reach up to -190ºC to monitor freezing processes hygroscopic crystal formation.
The Microptik's Heating and Cooling Stage internal cavity is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of sample platforms , including optoelectronic  plaques, cell culture preparations, Petri dishes and standards 25mm x75mm microscope slides. An optional inner thermal shell is also provided to optimize thermal performance when ultra-high temperature stability and uniformity is needed.

temperature digital controler

Microptik has developed a compact universal temperature controller MTDC600 with color LED display, built-in power supply,  internal memory for time programmed temperature and  two USB slots to increase further the memory, to activate security lock, etc. The temperature control sensor is RTD with Switching PID  control method. Hot stage controller

Tailored software

Microptik has developed tailored software combining image manipulation features with temperature control.
Fully compatible with Windows  operating systems and by means of a user friendly interface, just by clicking the mouse the user can interact with all hardware devices, including stage and microscope motorized axis, illumination sources, rotation head, auto focus, lasers and hot stage resistance. 
hot stage software temperature programmed
Temperature programming  possibilities. Storage and design of  time-temperature  experimental settings and graphic acquisition  of temperature dependant results.
hot stage and cold stage software image analysis
2D measurement capabilities applied to crystallographic characterization of growing Barium  Chloride crystals.
Amongst  the image analysis features, Microptic software includes auto calibration possibilities,  resolution settings selection for dozens of digital camera models and even binarizaton and pixel statistics screening for professional image manipulation.
Valid for 2D geometrical and amorphous measurements, it can be suited for particle, crystal and material surface defect characterization in the microscopic scale.
Particle size, shape and color filters improve this characterization and quality control applications beyond boundaries opening a whole new range of possibilities to researchers of any investigation arena.  

Application Scope

DSC temperature curve hot stage and cold stage crystallography hot stage and cold stage
Crystallization images of saturated NaCl solution and related DSC curves in the range from 10ºC to 300ºC. 
Solid-state crystallography and temperature dependant process physicochemical  monitoring .
With wide range temperature programs, DSC, resilience and thermal behavior of chemical components can be used for chemical characterization.
mycrobiology hot stage and cold stage
Cell wall thermo-lysis.  Temperature
effect on microorganisms, sterilization…
Medicines, pharmaceutical drugs, biomolecules and cells reaction to temperature can be monitored.

· Microbiological industrial processes optimization,
· Sterilization techniques,
· Protein denaturalization,
· Immunology,
· DNA, RNA recombination…

proteins and biomedical science hot stage and cold stage
Protein 3D spatial conformation as temperature function. Protein denaturalization and research.
melting gel and resine hot stage and cold stage · Material thermal fatigue
· Material quality control
· Material surface inspection
· Solubility studies,
· Polymerization and other
chemical reactions monitoring
· Change of state analysis
· Gel, resin melting
·  Rheopectic properties…
material science surface inspection hot stage


Cold and hot stages provided by Microptik are an extremely valuable tool for non-ambient temperature experiments.
The advantages of this technique are greatly improved in combination with modern image and video recording technologies.
Hot and cold stage systems consist of a hot and cold stage, a STC200 Series standalone temperature controller, and a Windows based tailored software.

Heatingt and Cooling Stages for Upright Microscopes
Heating /Cooling Stage Model Temperature Range Sample Chamber Area Feature
MWS60 ambient to 60°C (95°C Optional) 25 x 75 mm (1 x 3") and/or 60mm diameter Compact size warm stage for 1" x 3" slides or 60mm petri dishes.
MTS62 -30°C to 120°C 38 x 50 mm(1.5 x 2") Peltier based thermal stage for moderate temperature range applications.
MTX102W -30°C to 100°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Peltier based microscope thermal stage featuring a wide incident angle (60°) and a large viewing window (38mm dia).
MTS64 -20°C to 90°C 88 x 88 mm (3.5 x 3.5") Peltier based thermal stage features extra-large sample area.
MHCS302 -190°C to 400°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Single-heater thermal stage with wide temperature range for general purpose applications. Stage frame cooling using circulation water pump.
MHCS402 -190°C to 400°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Dual-heater thermal stage, with heaters located both below and above the sample chamber for ultra temperature uniformity. Can be quickly converted to HCS302, the single-heater stage model. Stage frame cooling using circulation water pump.
MHCS412W -60°C to 400°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Dual-heater heating and cooling stage features large viewing aperture and wide incident angle.
MFS1 -60°C to 200°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Dual-heater heating and cooling stage with large viewing aperture for thin film study. Includes thin film drawing kits with removable inner chamber for cleaning.
MHS400 ambient to 400°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Dual-heater hot stage with ultra temperature uniformity. Built-in fan for air-cooling of the stage frame.
MHCS410 -60°C to 400°C 38 x 50 mm (1.5 x 2") Dual-heater hot and cold stage, using the built-in fan for frame cooling. Similar to HS400, but also with sample chamber cooling capability.
MHCS601 -190°C to 600°C (700°C optional) 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8") Ultra high temperature hot and cold stage, with the option to extend to wider temperature range.
MFCS611 -190°C to 600°C 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8") Ultra high temperature hot and cold stage systems with gas tight sample chamber, features eight (8) electric feed-through leads for sample probing.
MFCS612 -190°C to 600°C 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5")
MHCS206 -40°C to 200°C 139 x 147 mm (5.5 x 5.8") Hot and cold stage designed for extra-large samples. Optional circulation water pump for frame cooling.
Heatingt and Cooling Stages for Inverted Microscopes
Heating /Cooling Stage Model
Temperature Range Sample Chamber Area Feature
MHCS60 5°C to 60°C 35mm diameter Peltier based thermal stage designed especially for inverted microscopes. Accepts 35mm petri dishes.
MHCS61 5°C to 60°C (Optional wider temp. range) 68 x 68 mm Pelter based thermal stage features a large viewing aperture and large sample area. Optional lid for defrosting available. Accepts 60 mm petri dishes or 2"x3" slides.
MHCD301 -80°C to 250°C 25 x 25 mm (1 x 1") Hot and cold stage specifically designed for use on inverted microscopes with a wide temperature range.
Thermal Vacuum Stages for Upright Microscopes
Temperature Range Sample Chamber Area Feature
MTS102V -40°C to 90°C 25 x 88 mm (1 x 3.5") Peltier based thermoelectric freeze drying stage with sealed sample chamber for vacuum. Optional two (2) electric feed-through leads for sample probing.
MHCS611V -190°C to 600°C 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8") Ultra high temperature hot and cold vacuum stage systems with optional two (2) electric feed-through leads for sample probing.
MHCS612V -190°C to 600°C 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5")
MHCX611V -190°C to 600°C 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8") Ultra high temperature hot and cold vacuum stage systems with built-in precision XY positioner to move sample inside the stage. Optional two (2) electric feed-through leads for sample probing.
MHCX612V -190°C to 600°C 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5")
MFCS611V -190°C to 600°C 20 x 20 mm (0.8 x 0.8") Ultra high temperature hot and cold vacuum stage systems, features eight (8) electric feed-through leads for sample probing.
MFCS612V -190°C to 600°C 38 x 38 mm (1.5 x 1.5")


Further possibilities: custom built hot stages

In Microptik we put our engineering skills and development experience to your needs. We can produce tailored hot stage hardware, incorporating X-Y manual or automatic moving stage, high accuracy (0.1micron) motorized spindle driven or ultra-fast belt driven, rotation table, rounded shaped and much more.  Solid state samples, liquid crystal applications.

hot stage and cold stage liquid crystals hot stage and cold stage rounded hot stage and cold stage customized

Contact Microptik today for complete product brochures. Inquiries for a hot and cold stage system customized to your special requirements are also welcome.