ID-Card Verification

Identity Card Authenticity Verification Device MIdentity 17

The ID card Authenticity Examination device is the latest in our Forensic technologies where state of the art machine vision techniques are combined in a unique system. The system allows all sorts of Identity cards to be verified in relation with authenticity. The scanner size is 90 x 60 mm (Full identity card).
The system uses special illumination with different sources: Ultraviolet, white and infrared. 
One unique camera with special sensor technology to detect all sorts of special markers, such as color of paper, florescence, hologram characteristics, ink, stamps and many more. The software is easy to use with a lot of sophistication. Optionally, a database can be linked and can be developed for any type of Identity card. 
For this system we use a camera with special features, tuned for sensitivity towards UV, Visible and infrared. With a unique sensitivity spectrum this system is capable to detect all nuances. 
The document reader enables duplex scanning of ID-1 documents, e.g. ID cards, driving licences, bank cards, social security cards and other documents. The product is intended for automatic reading and authenticity verification of questioned documents. 
The  document reader provides the capability of text data recognition, reading barcodes, RFID tags and smart cards. The Image analysis system is powered by a powerful processor. All of the identification routines are developed by MicrOptik engineers.
Database processing through heavy duty PC and network.