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Lab-Robot High throughput automated systems

Lab-robot high throughput automated systems

Microptik Lab-Robot Systems (MLRS) provide technology platforms for High Throughput Experimentation and Lab Automation.  Our High Throughput Characterization Systems are based on a modular and scalable concept, suitable for industry and with emphasis on system design, engineering, construction and software development.                                  

MLRS’ core competence is the transfer of customer specific workflows into highly flexible automation solutions. We assemble state of the art machine vision and spectroscopy building blocks in our system to assure solutions. Being fully automated for the specific standards of the analysis, Lab-Robot Systems will save much time and costs. State of the art Positioning Systems and Robotics, are combined together with Machine Vision, Microscopy, Spectroscopy and customized Software tailored for each application to give the best possible solution to an specific need

We provide systems, for material research, quality control in industry, life science and medical screening, forensic research and many more.


LAb-robot applications plastics particle size fiber food microorganisims oil inspection

· Lab-Robot Aplairs: Uses High Throughput FTIR analysis for the determination of Additives and physical properties in polyolefin’s.

· Lab-Robot CB4: Uses microscopic Image Analysis and Partiche Size and Shape characterization features to determien carbon black dispersion in polyolefins according to the ISO 18553.

· Lab-Robot GEL inspection: going beyond conventional submicron magnification and with higher depth penetration

· Lab-Robot Fiber inspection: with morphometric parameters to characterize width and lenght of fibers.

· Lab-Robot DPSA: dynamic particle size analyzer by image analysis and laser obscuration hybrid technology.

· Lab-Robot Microrganisms: for characterization and inspection of microrganisms in microbiology, biopharmaceutical and medical applications.

· Lab-Robot Food inspection: Based on FTIR Spectroscopy for food quality control analysis.

· Lab-Robot Dynamic 3D reconstruction: Merging Laser Topography, DFD and Dynamic Patern Proyection technologies.

· Lab-Robot Oil Inspection: High Througput Oil quality control and process health monitoring.

· Lab-Robot Drill Bit inspection: for high quality inspection and production control of drilling bits and metalic tools.