LOT 100

Morphious LOT IA 100 Laser Obscuration Time & Image Analysis

Morphious LOT IA 100 Laser Obscuration Time & Image Analysis
The Morphious LOT IA 100 is the latest in PSA technology which characterizes particles in sprays, dry powder, suspensions and liquids. The sophisticated technology offers a versatile tool to characterize complex data way beyond conventional approaches. The unique distribution plots generated reveal the true nature of the particles.

The Ultimate Particle Size & Shape Analyzer

With our cluster plot software routines we can classify various particles and determine any interrelation between the nature of the particle and the process conditions. Our interactive mosaic interface allows each individual particle to be analyzed right from the various graphs (i.e. histograms, cluster plots). The distributions are presented in either standard number and volume plots.

Stop Calibrating Apples & Measuring Bananas!

Laser Obscuration Time Analysis  is a Particle Size Analysis technique based on true physical paramters  such as [time] and [speed]. Laser Diffraction  PSA techniques however are based on false assumptions. See more details in section “What is wrong with Laser Diffraction”.
The combination LOT (Laser Obscuration Time) with Image Analysis (LOT I A) is utterly versatile and can be used for many PSA application where other techniques fail.

Advantages of LOT and IA
* Laser and video channel in one instrument!
* Does not assume all particles are spheres like laser diffraction.
* Direct measurement of correct particle size, not influenced by physical or optical properties like refractive -or absorbance index.
* Detection of minor fractions.
* High concentrations.
* Transparent and metal particles no problem.
* Particle range of 0.2 µm to 3.6 mm.
* Many accessories available to measure sprays, dry powders and suspensions.
* Bench-top as well as  On/At- Line techniques available.
* Easy-to use, powerful software.

A Combination of Laser Obscuration Time Analysis & Image Analysis

Fast and reliable PSA with a unique combination of LOT (Laser Obscuration Time ) and Image analysis.
Accurate description of non spherical particles with sophisticated dynamic image analysis using a state of the art High speed High resolution camera.
Results are independent of physical or optical properties of the particles or medium.
Accurate analysis and characterization of spherical, non- spherical and elongated particles.
Simultaneous results of Particle Size, concentration and shape.
Modular design for a range of dry and wet applications.
Real-time visualization of the sample during operation.

Particle Characterization

Extremely powerful characterization  fingerprints of particles  by Pulse analysis
Morphometry is directly related to shape of pulse.

Measurement Cells

The Morphious is a modular system that can be fitted with 10 different measurement cells. With a quick change of a measurement cell this versatile instrument  is ready to analyze particles in liquid, emulsions, dry powders, fibers, magnetic particles, heated liquids and aerosol. This application driven approach ensures your sample is measured according to its specific nature. Magnetic Stirrer Cell ACM-101
Mechanical Stirring Cell ACM-102
Liquid flow cell ACM-104A
Fiber Cell ACM-104L
Aerosol Flow Cell ACM-106
Micro Flow Cell ACM-108
Slide Cell ACM-110
Heated Cell ACM-111
Free fall Cell ACM-112

Powerful and Sophisticated Software

An infinite amount of routines are available to characterize the particles. Sophisticated distribution and cluster plots. The Morphious LOT IA 100
can be hooked up with any modern pc (Windows 7 or higher). Ask our sales representatives for more information. info@microptik.eu