Flash Point Analyzer Series MFPA-012

Flash Point Analyzer Series MFPA-012
Microptik Series MFPA-012 Flash Point Analyzer is an automated closed cup flash point tester with a temperature range of ambient +5 to 300°C (ambient +9 to 572°F). The instrument uses an electric hot wire igniter (a gas flame option is available). There are two modes of operation: Flash/No Flash and Ramp. The Ramp mode increases the sample temperature at a rate of 2°C/min and automatically dips the igniter every 1°C up to 100°C (every 2°C above 100°C), until either a flash is detected or the end of test temperature is reached.
Flash Point Analyzer Flash Point Analyzer


  • Ambient to 300°C (Ambient to 572°F)
  • Small sample size, 2 or 4ml
  • Flash/No Flash & Ramp modes
  • Electric Igniter (with gas option)
  • Automatic dipping and flash detection
  • 640 MB Test memory & USB2 interface
  • °C or °F temperature display
  • Barometric pressure correction
  • Forced air cooling for rapid test cycling
  • Rapid results
Flash Point Analyzer

Technical Specification


Temperature Range
ambient +5 to 300°C (ambient +9 to 572°F)
Sample Size
2 or 4ml according to method
Electrical Hot Wire (optional gas flame)
Test Modes
rapid, equilibrium and ramp
Test Duration Rapid Equilibrium Mode
1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C
Test Duration Ramp Mode
typically 7 minutes
Cool Down Time
Sample Cup Material
Heating/Cooling Method
ceramic pad, forced air (post-test cool down)
Computer Interface
USB2 & lan options
500W (maximum)
100 to 250v, 50/60Hz
52 x 26 x 24cm