Morphious C1 Contamination

Morphious C1 Contamination analyser in Powders & Granules

Morphious C1 Contamination Analyzer for Powders & Granules enables impurities and foreign materials to be analysed in powders and granules. This top of a range system is equipped with high resolution USB 3 CMOS camera (1936x1216) pixels, full colour analyser, 161 f/s allowing to view and document the results in a best quality. Its so easy to operate, that even non qualified personnel can provide a measurement. Morphious C1 offers flexibility and power you need to advance your research and documentation!
Quality Control  in Laboratory and factory!

Repeatability over multiple measurements! User definable operation options! An abundance of result display options!

Morphious C1 Contamination in Powder or granules  analyzer guarantees high throughput and is capable to inspect up to 1 kg of powders per hour and up to 12 kg of pellets per hour. And what is extremely important,  the instrument can be applied for inspecting materials on the production line using so called bypass system. That means you can analyze granules during the production process thus efficiently increase the output quality.
The Morphious C1 System can be extended to a full sorting system.


Using special lighting technology and a high speed image processing computer this device is capable of detecting even discolored powder particles and fast evaluation and representation of the measurement results in different forms such as graphs of the particles distribution over sizes, shapes and colors; mosaic view of the defects; histograms, time evolution etc.
All found deviations are sorted into various class sizes which are completely user definable. All options are easily controlled through the relevant menus such as configuration data, software settings and duration of the inspection.
Moreover it is possible to set alarm limits. If these limits are exceeded, a potential-free contact is activated. Powerful and sophisticated software offers an infinite amount of configuration possibilities enabling the user to adapt the system to individual demands.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range 15-40 °C
Power Supply 230V AC/115V AC, 50/60 Hz
Camera USB 3 CMOS resolution: 1936 x 1216, 161 f/s, Pixel size 5.86 µm: Color calibration module.
Power Consumption 18W
Light Source LED Ring light, white light spectrum
Size Range From 1μm till cm
Throughput | Resolution (for pellets) 20 µm with 20 mm inspection width, the throughput is 1 – 3 kg/hr
40 µm with 40 mm inspection width, the throughput is 2 – 6 kg/hr
60 µm with 59 mm inspection width, the throughput is 6 – 12 kg/hr
PC SDD SanDisk Ultra II SDSSDHII-120G-G25 HDD Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB | Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H | RAM Kingston HyperX Fury Black | HX318C10FBK2/16 16 GB DDR3-RAM
Processor - Intel® Core™ i7 i7-4790K Quad Core 4 x 4.0 GHz
Graphics Card - PNY VCQK2200-PB 4 GB
Power Supply - Coolermaster G750M 750 W
PC Box - Cooler Master Black
Software Windows® & (or higher). Powered by Mishell®
Mishell is a registered trademark of Microptik BV
Windows ia a registred trademark of Microsoft corporation
Dimensions (LxWxH) 50 x 60 x 50 cm
Weight 32 kg

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