Purity scanner

Analysis of contamination in pellets and powders 
sorting system 

analysis of Contamination in pellets and powders and sorting

Polluting contaminants in polymer compositions used for production are quite a serious problem for manufacturers. Therefore, any major manufacturer uses certain technical solutions that allow the detection of contamination and foreign inclusions in a granular material with a high probability.
One such solution, called Purity Scanner, was developed by MicrOptik. Combining the advantages of both X-ray and optical measuring systems, Purity Scanner is capable of detecting contaminants in the compounds with high accuracy.
The device allows to determine impurities up to 50 micrometers, both inside the granule and on the surface. Purity Scanner combines not only innovative X-ray technology, but also a specially developed optical system, which by its characteristics exceeds all similar solutions. Purity Scaner is capable of providing 100% control of the purity of the compound and, as a consequence, to ensure that the material used for production will be free of defects.

Technical data:

Application Fields Granulate production
Material production
Plastics processing Extrusion
Outsourced sorting
Inspection Methods/Sensor Technologies X-ray
Optical cameras
Smallest Detectable Contamination Size X-ray: 50 µm (cube 3D), 50 x 50 x 50 µm
Optics: 50 µm (square 2D), 50 x 50 µm
Throughput Depending on geometry and specific weight of the material to be inspected, possibility up to one ton/hour
Permissible Ambient Temperature + 15 °C  ... + 40 °C
Air Humidity max. 90 %
Interfaces RS232
USB Optional: industrial fieldbus standards
LAN (Ethernet)
Power Supply 3 ph 400 V; 50/60 Hz; 2,800 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D) 2,045 x 1,010 x 645 mm