Spectroscopy investigates the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. This consists in studying the processes of transmission, absorption, reflection, and emission of light by substances depending on the wavelength of radiation. Device used to detect and analyze electromagnetic wavelengths is called a spectrometer. In combination with a source, detector, holder, optical fiber, and focusing devices, the spectrometer forms a spectrometer system.

spectrometers system

Spectrometric techniques are exceedingly sensitive, so they are used in various fields of science, industry and agriculture:

  • building, testing of optoelectronic devices and materials;
  • determination of quantitative and qualitative composition of materials;
  • transmission and absorption properties of the Earth's atmosphere;
  • pharmacology and biomedical analysis;
  • sorting and quality control of industrial goods and foods;
  • Measurement of spectrum Solar radiation and diagnostics of the quality of solar cells.

We develop such types of equipment depending on the spectral range and functioning: UV/VIS/NIR, VIS/NIR, MIR, FTIR, Raman. Also we can combine these technologies with our own friendly software to use them, and with the best mechanical setup to help customers to improve or kick off all kind of processes.